A new communal house one goal:

to empower you to reach your goals.

We believe in the power of community. People are better together and this is especially true when working towards something. Take a look around and if any of what we’re talking about resonates with you, know that this is just the beginning!

Reasons to move in:

  1. Easy: move into a fully furnished townhouse.

  2. Intentional: live with purpose and achieve specific goals.

  3. Growth & Perspective: communal living encourages connection and conversation.


1. Easy

Move in

Open Now

Easy move in.

We fully furnish the common areas and bedrooms with the essentials. Comfortable memory foam mattresses, 65in 4K TV, in-unit washer/dryer, kitchen supplies, toilet paper, cleaning and more. Just bring your positive attitude and we’ll bring the rest.

2. Intentional


with events and goal sessions.

Every month, we have a “Goals Session”. The format is casual, but effective. Each member presents a 5 minute update on what they’ve done over the past month and what they’d like to accomplish over the next month. These sessions are constructive and supportive and are meant to bring each other together to grow. These sessions are not meant to be daunting; they’re meant to be uplifting. If one of us succeeds, we’re all better for it. Think of your housemates as your biggest cheerleaders. We also host weekly dinners where we catch up and hang out.

3. Encouraging

Growth & Perspective


We encourage a culture where people are free to share their ideas and to learn and grow with others. Whether we’re relaxing on the couch, hanging in the backyard, or working in the study space, we aim to live and experience our lives to the fullest and believe that this is only possible when learning and interacting with other people.